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A Word of Thanks - Adeline Han

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all my clients and friends for your kind words, support, and affirmation in choosing us out of many out there. We are grateful for your trust and feedback. It’s our pleasure to provide the best possible service to our clients, it is a commitment we made before embarking on this photography journey.

As photographers, we are tasked to immortalize moments in time through photography helping our clients revisit precious memories in a way that is otherwise impossible. Capturing moments on camera allows us to focus on the pure joy of life, both when looking at our past and our future. It means the world to me that you love the images and the experience you had.

我们想借此机会感谢我所有的客户和朋友,感谢你们从众多客户中选择我们的客气话、支持和肯定。 我们感谢您的信任和反馈。 我们很高兴为我们的客户提供最好的服务,这是我们在开始这次摄影之旅之前做出的承诺。

作为摄影师,我们的任务是通过摄影让时光永存,帮助我们的客户以其他方式无法实现的方式重温珍贵的回忆。 在相机上捕捉瞬间让我们在回顾过去和未来时都能专注于生活的纯粹乐趣。 对我来说,这意味着你喜欢你所拥有的图像和体验。


Adeline has been a great photographer who stays with us from pre-wedding to ROM, to the wedding reception. She is patient and professional and captured all the important moments in our journey. She is great at capturing all the beautiful moments of us and the family. We would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a photographer.

Lexis lim

(Translated by Google) This is the first time I try to shoot this style. The photographer is very professional and will lead the posing type.


Jesmine Low

(Translated by Google) I have found pictures of the product a few times, and they are really good-looking, and the pictures of the portraits are also very beautiful! The family photo has been pre-ordered! The price is also very reasonable!


Jordan Chang

(Translated by Google) You must take pictures of her! Very professional and very patient, my children can cry and cry like a child star, and they will not look like other photographers

大家一定要找她拍照!非常专业 而且非常耐心,我的孩子哭闹 都可以拍出童星的样子,也不会像其他摄影师给脸色

Juju Lim

She’s very particular in her work and she make sure things get done ✅! Love her way of working as she keeps IT professional yet giving the best advice on how she see fits for picture. Highly recommendable! A lady with full of passion in what she does! 👍🏻💪🏻 thank you for your service ! Would seek for your professional photography session again!

Harry Chew

Adeline is very attentive and proactive in ensuring that my photos were perfect. She also took extra effort to bring life to my photos. She is amazingly talented and will go out of her way to capture your best moments in life.😍

JoEy Ng

摄影师很专业也很有耐心!!!而且很会引导顾客投入情节拍摄中与捕捉顾客表情流露最自然的一面!!!强力推介Adeline Han👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Life of Alfie

Adeline the photographer is truly talented with her work! She helped us photographed our recent fashion show event and the pictures turn out to be amazing! LOOOVVEEE her skills. anyone should really consider to hire her as a photographer

Soo Sian

很感谢摄影师帮我宝宝拍得那么可爱 ♥︎ 她是个很专业的摄影师 她真的很有耐心 细心 全程都很负责 不仅会抓角度找光线 而且她也有自己对摄影的见解 也会尊重顾客的意见 ♥︎ 她也特别逗都会讲一些冷幽默笑话让我们笑 辛苦你啦 ♥︎ 重点照片都很满意 谢谢你 ♥︎

Vanice Chan

真心感谢摄影师Adeline让我的人生重要时刻留下了那么多的精彩回忆 ❤
你真的很专业可以捕捉到感动的瞬间,真心谢谢你的专业 ❤

James Ng

(Translated by Google) Adeline is so good, you can see how layered the photo is.
Not only good-looking photography, but also good-looking retouching👍👍
I really recommend, everyone must find her

Adeline 拍得太好了,你看把照片拍得那么层次感。不止摄影好看,修图又好看👍👍

Mindy Ng

Adeline provide a very good service for my family portrait shooting. She help me to capture down the most precious moment for me & my family. Will get her service again for any event in the future. Thank you so much for the good service.

Ivan Loo

Extremely professional photographer, very skilled and passionate in taking our photos during our university event. The prices she offers are very reasonable too.

Thank you Adeline for your service!

Pei Jin Low

She is good at capturing all the beautiful moments, could guide you on posing and positioning. Very satisfied with her service and work. Very friendly and easy to communicate too.

Keerthiga Prabagaran

Adeline did a very good job in capturing each and every moment of our event and all the pictures turned out really well !!! Thank you so much for your service and I would highly reccomend her service!!!

Steven Foo

Pretty sweet phitographer, willing to help and share all her best moment to me, don’t suspect her professional. She will give you a best solution and advice!!! Price cannot judge her art, her service are very worthwhile !!

Farah Yusof

Adeline is a great photographer and provides very good service. She captured great moments of my friends and I and I loved how the photos turned out 😁

Junyie Liew

Adeline is an amazing photographer who took amazing pictures. She helped us with our college event pictures and I have never looked so good